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 Special Offer for new accounts only; get FREE shipping and 10% off your first order! Visit New Earth and enter Promo Code: 2030074REF

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New Earth guarantee: New Earth nutritional products can make a positive difference in your life. If you don’t notice better health with our products we want to give your money back.






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The New Earth community was formed around products worth sharing. Associates from diverse backgrounds agree that our products are life changing and they want others to experience them too. They know they are a part of something bigger, something that is meaningful and contributes to the health of friends, family and contacts.  Be a part of a passionate & innovative community of people who are helping to make a powerful impact on World health.  Build your future and have fun doing it!  Learn More   |   Ready to Enroll   |   Life Changing Products


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Whole Wild Superfoods feed your body and mind with the best natural and clean foods on Earth.  Algae and fungi provide nutrients that can sustain your health.  Wild Essentials is a whole food combination with digestive enzymes and probiotics for supporting a healthy internal ecosystem.  Learn more - click here

Are you getting sufficient nutrients in the foods you eat?  Active lifestyles require even higher levels of nutritious foods to rebuild, recover, nourish, and protect our muscles, ligaments, heart, lungs, and cells.  Feed your body with the best natural and clean superfoods.  EDGE is a powerful blend of natural superfoods designed to give energy and protect your body from the stress of workouts and daily activities.  More info - click here

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About New Earth Company:

A new business opportunity is launching with 100% natural organic products that are in the fastest growing health/nutrition trends on the planet.

To live fully means to be healthy first—healthy in body, mind, and spirit. The New Earth experience is anchored in a powerful line of whole wild superfoods, scientifically designed and produced on-site to the most exacting specifications in the industry. Products you have to experience to believe.

New Earth Nutrition & Wellness Products:

  • New Earth Essentials for optimal health.
  • Wild Superfoods for maximum energy.
  • Edge for athletic peak performance.
  • Use New Earth to target specific body needs.

All New Earth products are Certified Kosher, Certified Halal, USDA-certified organic, NSF GMP–registered and GMP for Sports™-registered. GMP (GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICE) IS THE GOLD STANDARD OF THE FOOD INDUSTRY. It means every one of our ingredients is thoroughly tested for possible contaminants and verified 100% pure—and that every one of our New Earth products contains exactly what it says on the label.


Welcome to www.naturalvitaminproducts.com, this website belongs to Scott Singleton, New Earth Associate.

New Earth Essentials Products 

Wild Bluegreen Algae, pure food enzymes, and powerful probiotics. New Earth Essentials provide the building blocks to a healthy digestive tract, optimal nutrition, and vibrant health, for everybody, any age and lifestyle.  Feed your body the best food on earth. New Earth’s Wild Bluegreen Algae is one of the most profoundly nourishing foods on the planet, rich in a wide spectrum of phytonutrients, plant-based proteins, minerals, and essential fatty acids, and other micronutrients. It is also an adaptogen, meaning that it supports the body’s ability to resist stress, normalize itself, and to bring things into balance or homeostatis.

For more information or to purchase go to New Earth Essentials products

New Earth Essentials

Wild Bluegreen Body

The Whole Algae
New Earth's organic Wild Bluegreen™ Algae is a unique and powerful natural food providing easily assimilated nutrients like plant-based proteins, minerals, and essential fatty acids that promote physical well-being.

New Earth Essentials

Wild Bluegreen Mind

Heart Of The Algae
A concentration of the nutrients in our organic Wild Bluegreen™ Algae. The amino acids in Wild Bluegreen Mind provide the building blocks of the healthy nerve cells and neurotransmitters vital for optimal brain and nervous system function.*

New Earth Essentials

Wild Bluegreen Blend

Wild Algae Powder
A blend of equal parts Wild Bluegreen Body and Wild Bluegreen Mind. Ideal for adding to foods, shakes, even pet foods, Bluegreen Blend gives you the original New Earth product and core of our entire product line in convenient powder form.

New Earth Essentials


Optimal Digestion
Proprietary blend of fifteen different plant-based food enzymes & Wild Bluegreen™ Algae to supply the enzymes with vitamins, minerals, and other cofactors, helping the body break down and assimilate the complete range of nutrients in your food.

New Earth Essentials


Upper GI Tract Probiotic
New Earth's Acidophilus contains a single pure strain of Lactobacillus Acidophilus DDS®-1, which is specifcally cultivated to promote intestinal health.* Wild Bluegreen™ Algae and the "prebiotic" inulin provide the live acidophilus cells with optimal nourishment.

New Earth Essentials


Lower GI Tract Probiotic
Bifidobacterium bifidum is a type of beneficial bacteria that works symbiotically with other lactic acid bacteria to promote a healthy internal ecology, support immune function, and promote overall good health.* Wild Bluegreen™ Algae and the "prebiotic" inulin provide the live bifidus cells with optimal nourishment.

New Earth Essentials


Full Spectrum Probiotic
New Earth's Spectrabiotic® brings together twelve different strains of premium probiotics, Wild Bluegreen™ Algae and the "prebiotic" inulin that provide ideal nourishment for the live probiotic cells and promote their healthy growth and optimal function. Vibrant health from the inside out.

New Earth Essentials

Essentials Blend

Essentials Blend Full Spectrum Nutrition
A combination of Wild Bluegreen™ Body, Enzymes, Spectrabiotic® our proprietary blend of twelve different strains of live beneficial bacteria, and organic wheat sprouts, all in a convenient powder form suitable for adding to foods, shakes, or pet foods.

New Earth ESSENTIALS™ Packets.

Get your core ESSENTIALS products in a month’s supply of convenient daily packets, ready to slip in your pocket or purse and take with you anywhere.

Each box contains 30 packets, each containing 5 capsules:

  • 1 Wild Bluegreen Body
  • 1 Wild Bluegreen Mind
  • 1 Acidophilus
  • 1 Bifidus
  • 1 Enzymes

Buy New Earth Essentials products

New Earth Essentials

Essentials Box 30 Packets


Get your core ESSENTIALS products in a month's supply of convenient daily packets, ready to slip in your pocket or purse and take with you anywhere. Each box contains 30 packets, each containing: 1 WIld Bluegreen Body, 1 Wild Bluegreen Mind, 1 Acidophilus, 1 Bifidus, 1 Enzymes.

New Earth Essentials

BG Bar

BG Bar Wild
On The Go

New Earth's BG Bar provides a diversity of complex and simple carbohydrates, high-quality fats and essential fatty acids, and complete, highly assimilable protein. Each BG Bar gets its all-natural goodness from a wealth of healthful ingredients. No artificial anything!


New Earth Essentials products


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You may include questions, comments, or let us know if you need information for a nutritional product, about the company, or income opportunity.

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Best Wishes,

Scott Singleton, Health Coach
New Earth Life Sciences
Associate and Team Leader
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The New Earth logo, trademarked names, phrases and images are used with permission from New Earth.  This is a New Earth Independent Associate website.  These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.












About New Earth:  New Earth, a new network marketing business opportunity, New Earth page links:

The New Earth MLM Company officially launched in September 2013 and has quickly become one of the premier network marketing business opportunities in the health and wellness industry.  New Earth Products are natural, organic dietary supplements that combine the best of science and nature.  New Earth health products are crafted from premium whole wild superfoods, Earth's First Foods such as blue green algae and mushrooms.  Our products are scientifically designed to meet the needs of every system in your body.  The whole wild superfoods from nature can nourish and protect your body in different ways.  Browse and shop for New Earth products at the New Earth Store - New Earth Shop.  You will notice that our nutritional supplements and health products may impact your energy, mood, digestion, sleep, mental clarity, athletic recovery, and may enhance your overall health and well-being.*  Here are the primary New Earth product categories:  New Earth Essentials, New Earth Wild, New Earth Edge, New Earth Thrive, and New Earth Give.  Please take some time to read the New Earth product labels, New Earth Foods, and check out our natural food supplements at the New Earth Market New Earth Supplements are certified Kosher, Halal, USDA Organic, and are manufactured on-site, using the highest standards of NSF Good Manufacturing Practice and GMP for Sports.  Try A New Earth natural product and experience the health benefits that many have achieved with our organic nutrition supplements and dietary supplement tablets.

New Earth, first and foremost is about exceptional health products that promote a stronger and healthy body, mind, and spirit.  Over the last few decades there has been a significant trend in healthful eating and organic whole foods.  The demand for wild food products like edible algae and mushrooms is exploding!  Organic foods, dietary supplements, and wild whole food consumption is pumping billions of dollars into the industry.  Whole wild superfoods is a growing trend that is providing massive opportunity to the nutrition and health industry leaders.  Learn more about New Earth Superfoods.  The primary component of New Earth superfood is wild microalgae harvested from Upper Klamath Lake in Oregon.  A diet rich in superfoods has been found to promote athletic performance, muscle recovery, energy, stamina, and increase metabolism.

You can take advantage of this business opportunity by participating in the New Earth Home Based Business.  The network marketing industry is booming and expanding at a rapid pace even though the economy remains flat.  People want what New Earth offers:  quality nutritional supplements made from organic superfoods, and a business opportunity that is on the cusp of a major trend and growth cycle.  Welcome to New Earth Network Marketing.  The New Earth Business Plan is backed by quality products, leadership, compensation, and sustainable growth.  What's the New Earth story?  The New Earth founding principles and mission is centered on Live, Give, and Grow, go here to learn more: New Earth Live and New Earth Grow.  What do you like about New Earth and are you ready to get started?  If so, go here for New Earth Enrollment - Join New Earth.  Or, talk to a New Earth Health Coach to get more information about the New Earth business opportunity, New Earth products, and New Earth home based business plan.  Make sure you subscribe to receive the New Earth Newsletter, New Earth Reach.  Team New Earth is a brand new MLM opportunity in the network marketing industry.  Learn more about New Earth and get your invitation to enroll in their new MLM prelaunch. BioAgile is a new product within the EDGE Peak Performance natural supplements line, NSF certified, and available only from New Earth.  Stay tuned to this website to get the latest news about New Earth BioAgile!  Get ready to taste the all natural BioAgile shot, for physical performance, physical activity, recovery, renewal, cognitive support, and brain health.

New Earth Life Sciences is a company and a community of innovative leaders, who are caring, passionate, and dedicated to excellence.  The New Earth Team of network marketers and home based business associates are among some of the most successful business professionals in the network marketing industry.  Here are just some of the top MLM leaders who have partnered with New Earth:    New Earth - Scott Singleton, New Earth Richard Kall, New Earth Rob Hawthorne, New Earth Robert Hawthorne, New Earth Mike Raiche, New Earth Ana Gabriel Mann, New Earth Ana Mann, New Earth Jeff Gardner, New Earth Barbara Swanson, New Earth John David Mann, Katharine Clark, Susan Rispoli, and New Earth Donia Al Alawi.  Here are some of the New Earth team representatives and leadership:  Ana Gabriel Mann, Susan Rispoli, Barbara Swanson, Ilyse August, Charles Leslie, Kevin Larson, Bilal Ruknuddeen, John David Mann, Ana Gabriel Mann and New Earth Life Sciences, Susan Rispoli New Earth, Charlotte Carreira, Janna Chandler, Willow Star, Bucky Dent, Yankees baseball, Steve Gagne, Dr. Jeffrey Bruno, Donia Alawi, Alan Joel, roberthawthorne.com, Steve Zarren, Madalyn Ward, Scott Ohlgren, Hannah Ineson, Madison Burgess, Joe Furcinite, Eckhart Tolle, and Michael Bolduc.  Currently, the New Earth business opportunity is available in all areas of the United States, with active network marketing groups in California, Florida, Texas, New York, Oregon, Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, NYC, Seattle, Chicago, San Diego, Boston, Washington DC, Portland, Atlanta, Houston, Phoenix, Dallas, Denver, Orange County, New Earth California, New Earth Texas, New Earth Florida, New Earth New York, New Earth Maryland, New Earth Illinois, New Earth Pennsylvania, New Earth Ohio, New Earth Georgia, New Earth Michigan, New Earth North Carolina, New Earth New Jersey, New Earth Virginia, New Earth New York City, New Earth Los Angeles, New Earth Chicago, New Earth Dallas, New Earth Houston, New Earth Philadelphia, New Earth Miami, New Earth Atlanta, New Earth Baltimore, and New Earth San Francisco.  Is New Earth coming to your area?  You could become one of the first New Earth business associates in your country and be on the ground floor in your region of the World.  We're looking for people just like you in places like New Earth Japan, New Earth China, New Earth Brazil, New Earth Mexico, New Earth France, New Earth Malaysia, New Earth Russia, New Earth Germany, New Earth UK, New Earth Columbia, New Earth Taiwan, New Earth Italy, New Earth Thailand, New Earth Venezuela, New Earth Canada, New Earth Argentina, New Earth Australia, New Earth India, New Earth Phillipines, New Earth United Arab Emirates - UAE, New Earth Dubai, New Earth Europe, New Earth Asia, New Earth United Kingdom, newearth.us, and New Earth International.  New Earth natural health products are gaining popularity in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Burbank, California, CA, FL, LA, DC, MD, South Beach, Miami, Orlando Florida, Tampa Florida, Boynton Beach Florida, West Palm Beach Florida, Boca Raton Florida, Fort Lauderdale Florida, Washington D.C., Portland Oregon, Denver Colorado, San Francisco California, San Diego California, Seattle Washington, Boston Massachusetts, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Virginia Beach, Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Victoria, B.C., University, and college campus locations across the United States.  Film and television industry, models, actors, dancers, actress, TV personality, athletes, modeling, and other entertainment talent are discovering the benefits of New Earth blue green algae and organic health food products.  You may have heard about New Earth in Natural News - naturalnews.com or Nutraceuticals World - nutraceuticalsworld.com, or more likely you were introduced to New Earth by a health coach, at a health studio, college, or through a conversation with someone who is familiar with the New Earth Co.  New Earth products are acclaimed for their purity, quality, raw, organic, and natural food ingredients that provide optimal nutrition for best health.  Find out more about the New Earth Community, and check out the awesome testimonials from members of the New Earth Team!  Are you looking for a ground floor health product MLM, a natural MLM, with a great unilevel compensation plan?  The New Earth business opportunity is the place to start.  This New Earth website and content is related to some of the following topics:  newearth, blue green algae, Team New Earth, New Earth, new business, new MLM, vitamin, vitamins, health products, natural vitamin products, blue green, spirulina algae, wheatgrass, natural vitamin, organic vitamin, dietary supplements, algae, mushrooms, superfoods, whole wild foods, whole food supplements, super foods, new earth protein, new earth energy drink, new earth organics, new earth superfoods, health food store, network marketing, business opportunity, prelaunch, new earth online, new earth video, new earth company, new earth business, new earth, new earth products, new earth opportunity, independent associate, new earth store, new earth life sciences, new earth university, eatlight, peak performance, new earth support, wild naturals, natural superfood diet, spirulina benefits, spirulina health benefits, spirulina algae, whole food supplements, gluten and gluten free, simplexity, simplexity blue green algae, simplexity health, new earth online, whyalgae.com, newearthco.com, edge natural fitness, sport daily renewal supplement, NSF certified for sport, 2oz liquid shot, cognizin, citicoline, green tea, wild microalgae, eleuthero, siberian ginseng, sustamine, glutamine, alanine, ribose, leucin,  New Earth Protein, Eat Light, Healthyfuture, Organics on the Go, healthyfutures.net, Crossfit Supplements, Natural Supplements, and Workout Supplements.  New Earth supplements are also commonly associated to the following health categories:  health products, natural health, natural vitamins, organic supplements, blue-green algae, AFA algae, aphanizomenon, Natural Products Association, Natural Life, Earth's First Foods, algae supplements, probiotic supplements, mushroom supplements, health revelations, whole food supplement, wild essentials, foods that give you energy, nsf certified, and stem cell nutrition.  About algae, algae food in the form of aphanizomenon flos-aquae is an edible micro-algae that offers powerful health benefits.  New Earth is the new Algae Company providing health benefits such as:  nutrition, health, integrative nutrition, and wellbeing.*  New Earth blue green algae supplements and the New Earth products catalog offer a range of items that enable the individual to improve their health and wellness.  New Earth is the original Algae Company.  Learn about the home-based business opportunity with New Earth Co.  Check back here to see news about our new launch of an all natural energy drink product that will provide unique health and sports related benefits for individuals engaged in athletics, exercise / fitness, health coaching, strength training, recreation, aerobic or endurance events.  You will enjoy the New Earth drinks as a sports nutrition product containing superfoods and natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives. Are you interested in Natural Health?  Did you know that natural superfoods provide optimal nutrients for your body and mind?  For good health, you must focus on nutrition.  Nutrition provides the nourishment of essential vitamins, minerals, and other elements that strengthen our immune system and enable our internal organs to function better.*  Nutritional deficiency could lead to serious health issues.  Eat nutritious foods and use New Earth natural health food supplements to strengthen your body and mind.  See below for more information about New Earth Co products.


Wild Essentials Box 60 packets





Body 240 Capsules





Mind 240 Capsules





Enzymes 90 CT





Acidophilus 60 CT





BioAgile Liquid Shot, 12 pack


New Earth network marketing prelaunch is gathering momentum as a new MLM giant in the health and nutrition industry.

MLM prelaunch update for the New Earth network marketing company. Network marketing professionals are lining up to join during the New Earth prelaunch. Enroll now at www.newearth.com/ScottS

United States -- Free-Press-Release.com -- Aug 12, 2013 -- The MLM prelaunch for New Earth is just completing its first week of business. New Earth is a new network marketing company that is drawing a great deal of attention from some of the biggest names and top MLM earners in the industry. Network marketers have been impressed with all aspects of the New Earth company and its network marketing plan.  The New Earth network marketing opportunity was developed with the assistance of network marketing consultants who have a proven track record of success and years of experience in the MLM industry.  New Earth has unveiled one of the most organized, professional, and attractive network marketing opportunities in the business. The New Earth MLM business plan combines a powerful combination of unique products in great demand, strong corporate leadership, a compensation program that immediately rewards participants and provides a reliable stream of income, and a comprehensive marketing plan that calls for international growth, along with a charitable component that is particularly attractive to philanthropic entrepreneurs.  The Prelaunch has begun and will continue until September 1, 2013. In the network marketing business, timing and who you know is ultimately a key element of achieving a lucrative piece of the network marketing profit.  Build your network marketing team and secure a solid foundation for financial success. New Earth offers network marketing professionals and entrepreneurs an opportunity to get involved with the New Earth MLM on the ground floor and to develop their large networking team.  There is much to like about the New Earth network marketing opportunity. Network marketers are claiming that this MLM company could be the next big leader in MLM. The New Earth prelaunch is not just attracting network marketing leaders into its MLM opportunity. A large number of enrollments have been coming from the health, fitness, and nutrition industry. Independent gym owners, personal trainers, group exercise leaders, nutritionists, Crossfit program directors, doctors, and individuals in the health and wellness industry have been quick to join the New Earth team.  There's something different about New Earth and its network marketing plan. And, it looks like it's going to be a big deal.  For more details about the New Earth company, products, opportunity, prelaunch, or how to join, go to: www.newearth.com/ScottS

New Earth offers a full line of health and nutritional supplements created from natural organic and wild whole superfoods. One of the New Earth products is designed for sports performance, and for people who exercise at a moderate to high intensity. Athletes and avid exercisers will really likeNew Earth Edge, for Peak Performance, energy, power, endurance, and aiding the recovery from exercise.  Get your athletic EDGE with whole superfoods. Whether you scale mountains, hit the gym hard, or simply lead a jam-packed high-stakes life, our active lifestyle products will give you the EDGE you need. Crafted from Wild MicroAlgae and tonic mushrooms in synergy with bee pollen, gingko, eleuthero (Siberian ginseng), turmeric, and other whole natural superfoods, EDGE supports your performance and recovery.* The product names alone tell you the whole story: Drive, Focus, Rebound, Flex, Build.  Boost performance and physical capacity, Sharpen clarity and improve reaction time, Combat cellular oxidation and accelerate recovery time*, and Promote joint health, flexibility, and range of motion.   For more details about the New Earth nutritional products, go to:  www.newearth.com/ScottS a New Earth Independent Associate website.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



BioAgile, a new daily renewal supplement, all natural, in the liquid nutrition category.                                                                                                                        

The new liquid shot is an all natural supplement providing health and performance benefits, nutrients, energy, and recovery after exercise. 

KLAMATH FALLS, OREGON, UNITED STATES, /EINPresswire.com/ -- A New Earth Food and Natural Health Company (New Earth Co.) of Klamath Falls, Oregon announced details about BioAgile: a new daily renewal supplement in the liquid nutrition category. The new liquid shot is an all natural liquid supplement that provides health and performance benefits, increased energy level, nutrients, and packs a powerful physical and mental boost.

The BioAgile liquid shot is a ground-breaking health and wellness product launch offering the first clean and natural liquid supplement for athletes, active lifestyles, sports performance, exercise, workout recovery, energy renewal, brain health, cognitive function, and mental focus.*

The BioAgile liquid nutrition supplement is a one-of-a-kind natural health product with all natural ingredients: cognizin, sustamine, organic wild microalgae, vitamin D, ribose, leucin, blueberry, citrus, and other all natural components. The liquid shot contains no added sugar, no GMO, no artificial sweeteners or colors, no energy crash, and only 26 calories per serving.

The liquid shot has been in product development for 18 months, and was created by an expert team comprised of food and nutrition scientists, a global natural ingredient company, food and beverage consultants, and the New Earth Co. research and develop team.

For more information about BioAgile, New Earth, and the new liquid shot product launch, go to 

Learn more about the new all natural healthy liquid nutrition shot from New Earth - BioAgile

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Wild Food Challenge

Look good and feel good with our new All Natural Nutrition Supplements made from organic and wild superfoods.  Power your body and mind with the pure and natural health food supplements from New Earth Natural Health.

Wild Essentials 7-Day Sample Pack

Wild Essentials Box 60 packets

Essentials Blend 12 oz

Body 120 Capsules

Mind 120 Capsules

The Best Superfood to include on your diet.

Superfoods are called "super" for very good reasons: the foods are rich in nutrients and especially beneficial for our health and wellbeing. Sometimes referred to as "nutrient powerhouses," you can expect superfoods to have a wide array of antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals contained in them. The long and short of it is, adding more of these to your daily lifestyle reap huge healthy returns.

Some of the top recognized superfoods—along with their benefits—include:

Mushrooms: contain zinc, fiber, selenium, potassium, and phytochemicals
Algae: very high in vegetable protein and easily-absorbed nutrients
Kale: high in fiber, vitamins A & C, calcium and antioxidants
Turmeric: enhances mood; curcumin, which may increase seratonin
Coconut Oil: contains triglycerides to help boost metabolism
Apples: fiber and polyphenols
Chia seeds: a single ounce = nearly 5 grams of protein; great source of fiber
Ginger: relieves nausea, aids in digestion
Fennel: rich in vitamin C and potassium
Green Tea: 
Blueberries: anti-aging effects; low in calories and high in fiber
Garlic: rich in antioxidants
Avocados: great source of monunsaturated fats (or the "good" fat) and energy
Vinegar: benefits digestion; high in acetic acid, increasing calcium absorption*

At New Earth, we're proud to say we feature over half of these top superfoods in the products we create and promote. To learn more about New Earth's products—and the superfoods we use in them—visit Why Science Matters and http://www.newearth.com/ScottS/Products.

Newearth wellness products and superfood nutrition supplements are made from natural ingredients such as blue green algae, wheat grass, green tea, turmeric, flaxseed, kelp, and other wild whole foods providing essential nutrients.  Some of the most common questions about New Earth blue green algae are about spirulina benefits, where to buy blue green algae, and in general, what are the health benefits of using New Earth supplements.  There is a significant amount of information about the benefits of superfoods, and specifically:  green tea benefits, turmeric benefits, wheatgrass benefits, flaxseed oil benefits, and spirulina health benefits.  Newearth.com is the premier company for blue green algae originating from Klamath Lake in Oregon.  Go for vibrant health, well-being, and natural foods with New Earth Life Sciences.

Introducing the New Earth Wild Essentials 7-day sample pack including 18 premium botanicals, two probiotics, and 15 digestive enzymes for $19.95 (s&h included)


We’re a lot of things. We are algae. We are fungi. We are 100% all natural. We are probiotics and superfoods and a whole lot more. Perhaps most importantly, we’re committed to helping others live richer lives. We help fuel them with the very healthiest, most nutritious products we know how to deliver.

Organic, wild and raw, Wild Essentials offers the elements of nature unleashed.

Want to give your body the goodness it deserves? How about better immune function, better cardiovascular health, digestion and mental health? How about adding cellular renewal, prevention, and natural healing to that? Because we’d like that for you, too. We’re here to help. We’ve been doing this a while. Thankfully, we’ve learned a thing or two from what this world has taught us.

So, c’mon. Go Wild ... with Wild Essentials or try the New Earth Wild Essentials 30-Day Trial Pack

Introducing EDGE Natural Fitness.  Learn about our the EDGE Recovery supplement.  Here is your natural solution to increased energy and recovery.  All Natural product for performance and renewal.  High quality protein source.  Perfect for heavy workouts, endurance, strength, and fitness.  Ideal for athletes, crossfit, mixed martial arts, or any gym or health club member.  Ask for EDGE products = Get Results and Peak Performance!

New Earth, New Earth Life Sciences, Team New Earth, and the New Earth Company:

Dietary Supplement Tablets


Make Money Online with New Earth, the new MLM business

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